**This script is unnecessary for C4D R14+**

Importing an AEC to After Effects is painless enough. But then you go back to C4D and make some timing alterations, move some objects around, add some nulls, etc. Now you’re left with reimporting the AEC and copy pasting between comps.

This script alleviates that pain. Import your new AEC. Rename the new comp, it will make it easier to find in the drop down selector. Run the script. Select your original comp under the ‘master comp’ drop down and your newly imported AEC comp under the ‘new comp’ drop down. Optionally select label or key replacement restrictions. Click the start button. Both comps will be duplicated before being altered. Once the script is done and you’re satisfied everything went as planned delete the two duplicates as well as the original ‘new comp’ and select ‘file :: remove unused footage’ from within After Effects to streamline you project.

After Effects Comp Update Script

Note: Adobe does not currently allow for ‘press the stopwatch’ style keyframe deletion via scripting. This means layers with a lot of keyframes take longer to replace.