ESL One NY can be the perfect time to show the growth of pro gaming, but more importantly, it provides a space to bring up its gender equality issues.

Erin Ashley Simon is a pro-gamer, former athlete and social media icon who was grateful that a brand was ready to allow her to talk about a meaningful issue.

I set up the interview questions to create a story arc that led into the main discourse. This allowed the interview to ease into serious topics rather than just hit the viewer. The original interview was about 10 minutes long and was handed off to Erin to serve to her social channels. AT&T served up the one minute cut above to Twitter.

The┬áinterview was one of many that covered topics like ESL’s Any movement.

We also covered the lighter side of the tournament. Content was captured for the AT&T Best Seats in the House challenge, sizzles were created and posted to social, Snapchat filters were ready for the fans and Instagram stories testing eSports knowledge were pushed out to social.