Advertising is changing. The landscape requires us to become product designers that think beyond ‘the concept’. It also¬†becomes necessary to redefine the way we present those concepts.

The brief was based on sustainability and wind power. Our brainstorms led us to a wind powered usb kite charger. Next step: we had to make one.

The solution was designed with fellow creative Andrea Younes. We developed a kite handle that converted the spinning energy of a rotating kite into electricity. Gears were laser cut at the local MakerSpace while the rest of the handle came together through a collection of wood shop techniques. In the end, a phone could be charge… on a windy day. And just to be safe, jumpers were added to allow polarity reversal, in case the gear was spinning in the opposite direction.

We tied it together with a sizzle reel compositing the Launch Kit(e) over social footage found on YouTube; slicing in C4D and ‘making of’ content.

This was then extended to add on to STEM programs, which made the case for the diy nature of the project.

Andrea designed badges for an extension that would integrate into both girl scout and elementary student programs.