How we interact with devices the first time we hold them can heavily sway our purchase decisions. To that aim, we created in-store interactive experiences that were both fun and gave people a good handle on whether the device would fit their life.

In-store interactive for the Droid required some creative thinking to create two unique experiences without access to a server or the phone api. The first experience focuses on Droid Zap ( file transfer ) while also showing off the camera and durability of the device. User selected scenarios play out in real time until the user captures an image. Users then swipe up to simulate ‘zapping’ the image to other devices.

The Sony Xperia is a great device, but showing it off without access to the API and under a tight deadline is a challenge.

The solution displays a stitched panorama to the user. By swiping left or right, different feature UI’s take over the device display. Interacting with the experience allows users to engage with the features in a controlled, brand positive manner.