Sometimes you just have to try things. I conceived of Melt Core Fitness, a 90’s themed boutique studio, with the plan of starting up a brick and mortar with an assist from AI. And it worked, though short lived, I got it all put together and running. Here is the process in pictures:

Building up the AI assisted business plan came first, complete with AI assisted business naming. This was followed by a sheet with locations, financial burn charts and the works.

Once the LLC was registered and a location finally locked came the fun part, fixing up the interior. This included my first toilet replacement experience and attempting to line up two 200lb rolls of padded turf.

Putting the laser cutter to good use and taping down some wild postings.

As the interior was coming together so to was the design of the site, print and digital elements.

I couldn’t pass up the chance to create some AI generated Snoopy imagery for a couple of ‘Coming Soon’ posters before bringing in the stylistically 90’s creative.

And there we have it. An abridged version of the Melt Core Fitness story.